[] Forrest > Hole 14

When the golf ball lands on the escalator frame the ball goes “out of bounds”. The bug is that the ball re-spawns into the same position. The cycle continues until you have 15 points. Since the ball is moving you don’t t have the chance to putt again.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Game Worlds
  2. Mini Golf
  3. Select ‘Forrest’
  4. On hole 14 you putt your ball in such a way that it lands on the frame of the escalator. See photo in “# Notes / Media” to understand what was experienced.

What I expected to happen

That the gall ball spawns to where the original putt was from. In other words the golf ball spawns to a valid putt point.

What happened

Player had a bad putt that caused the ball to land on the frame of the escalator. This caused him to be out of bounds. The bug is that the ball kept re-spawning to where his ball stopped out. This created a loop where he kept being out of bounds until 15 points was achieved.

Notes / Media

Please refer to this screen shot of where the ball landed to understand what I am explaining in this bug report:

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This is now fixed in the next update.

Thanks! Keep up the work!