[] Flycast Naomi/ Dreamcast Core bugs

What are the bugs?

Well there are 2 bugs I have come across for this one.

Bug 1 Service (F2 and 9) and Insert Coin (rightshift) key bindings are not working, the sound for insert coin plays however when pressing right shift. Tested on F355 (Naomi) and House of the Dead 2 (Naomi). At the moment only Naomi games that start up as freeplay as default are playable and there is no way to change the key bindings.

Bug 2 The frame limiter seems to not be set and the games play at unplayable (too fast speeds). SegaRally 2 (Dreamcast) and 18 Wheeler (Naomi).

*# Steps to Reproduce

Bug 1A Boot house of the dead 2 (Naomi) and try to insert coins at attract screen.

Bug 1B, Boot F355 (Naomi) to network screen and try pressing the service keys.

Bug 2A Boot Sega Rally to main menu. select Arcade, select Championship, choose car, set name, Drive to the 1st corner to see the game playing rediculously fast.

Bug 2B Boot 18 Wheeler (Naomi) and the Atrract screen and audio will play too fast, in game the game speed is way too fast (around 3-4x faster than the game should play.)

# What I expected to happen

1. The coin and service menus buttons to be binded and for the coins and service menu being accessable.

2. The frame rate locked to the correct playable speeds.

# What happened

See above and look at the attached youtube link below

# Notes / Media

Youtube video link.
Video of bugs

For this bug, you’ll need put the lightgun down to insert coins. Pressing Space will put the lightgun down, then you can insert coins, then pick up the lightgun again with Space.

I just self resolved Bug 2A for Sega Rally 2

To lock the game at 30FPS

At the Sega Rally 2 title screen where it says press start

press Up, A, Down, Down, Left, Right, B, B, Down you will hear a confirmation sound

Then press Up, A, Down, Down, Left, Right, B, B, Up you will hear a second confirmation sound.

30 FPS mode is now unlocked,

If you then select Arcade, select a car and then at the name entry screen you set the emulator to 30FPS mode and it will work perfectly.

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Bug 1A is resolved :smiley:

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