[] Combining groups into 1 group, then duplicating may cause some items to be duplicated several times

I made a simple house which I had intended to group and copy a few times, and was made of some individual items and some groups (the windows and porch were groups); if I had to guess it was made of maybe around 100 items. But, when I box selected it and combined it all into one group, the gizmo menu stated that it was actually made of 5,104 items.

I assumed the counter was just bugged and displayed the wrong number, but no, when duplicating the house it duplicated some of the original groups 3 to almost 60 times. The porch in particular was duplicated the most.

I don’t know if there’s a pattern as to how items get duplicated however many times, but I think the game might have tried to use every single one of each item in the group that I owned; I had probably over 2,000 canvas cubes not placed down in my inventory and after deleting a few cubes in the duplicate (each copied almost 60 times) I noticed I had only 350 not placed down, so I can only assume it used up all of them.

Exiting the condo and re-entering seems to have fixed the issue with the initial group being made of 5,000 items; the item count is at 150 now.

Notes / Media

The house I duplicated, and the 5,104 items in the item counter:


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll look into this.

Okay after some testing it seems like using box select on a group is the problem. My current guess is that each item ‘found’ by the box select tool tries to add the entire group over again to the selection, meaning you have the same group of items in your list of selections multiple times. When you go to copy the item it looks at everything in your list of selected items and makes a duplicate so if item ‘A’ is in your list of selected items 3 times, you’ll get 3 copies of ‘A’.

For now I would avoid using the box select tool when groups are involved until we can get a fix out.


Alright should be fixed in next patch.