[] Some cardboard castle things

Putting this in Bug Report because there’s still no map bug thread for it–

Campy spot on top of tree

This tree is close enough to the invisible wall at a spot that has a bit of a corner which allows you to just sorta stand there in a state where your stamina does regen but you can’t bite, roar, or tailwhip, so you could technically get killed with Birb assuming it hasn’t already been eaten or the other players in the match know how to use it.

Campy spot under a book overhand

This spot, as far as I can tell, can only have the button be pressed when standing about on the dragons right (left from the picture belows POV) wing, facing the button, at a certain point in the dragons breathing animation. It looks like you should be able to crawl in from the right, however the collision doesn’t seem to allow that.

Whoop, I lied- I think you just actually can’t hit it at all of you shimmy in a bit more.

Inconsistent behavior of race track

The race track pictured below is sorta inconsistent with how it reacts, if you come at it head-on it’ll stop you but if you’re at an angle sometimes it’ll let you walk off as knight and most of the time as dragon. I feel like dragon at least should always be able to get over this small of a gap, and having it be more consistent one way or the other would make it less frustrating when in playing a match, freeing up the mental energy of not getting stuck on map geometry. Somewhat minor but similar issues on Toy Room have been fixed in the past regarding the train tracks and some of the cards.

Inconsistent behavior of fiddlewhirl

Like with the track, the fiddlewhirl also can be sorta inconsistent about whether it’ll let you walk up it or not. I can’t imagine this is one that’ll cause much frustration since it’s so far out of the way, but we like to nitpick here.

Slippery beanbag

I would think being a fabric beanbag that you’d have some grip to work with, and you do- at least on one half of it. The green beanbag going up to the bongo has half where you can walk up as you’d expect and then the other half causes you to slide, and even if you hit it with enough momentum to get to the top of the beanbag, the rim of the bongo from where it stops making contact with the green beanbag all the way around to the eraser don’t let you walk up it. So maybe the red is like color-coding to let people know that you shouldn’t try to go that way to get up it, or maybe it’s a Mystic Grove moment.

Upper battlement thingies don’t have collision

The non-ground level battlement tower things (the ones circled in red) on the titular cardboard castle don’t have collision, while the ones on the ground do. Doesn’t affect gameplay afaik but it’s like a little quirky so I’m mentioning it.

Flying disk LOD shadow

The shadow caused by the flying disk has a pretty noticable change when it switches between LODs. This is purely visual but is just apparent enough to bug me, especially since no other model on the map seems to have it be so apparent when switching LODs. Also, what gets baked and what gets done in real time? I’d think static props like that would just have their shadows done beforehand.

Sorta hard to show with just a picture, it’s easier to see when moving in-game.

Sticker going through piano?

There seems to be a decal that’s partially inside the piano? I think? And only a little bit is peeking out the side. Again, purely a visual thing, but maybe it being gone could get me a hundreth of an extra frame per second.


Good post, I also wish some invisible walls are more consistent with the props around them or had more clear blockages, like by the plushies on the ground.

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