[] Emulator crashes can crash Tower Unite

Steps to Reproduce

Crash in Play!:

  1. Legitimately acquire a copy of Ninjabread Man (Europe)
  2. Attempt to play it

Crash in PPSSPP:

  1. Download this ISO (which is a version of this PSP homebrew, converted to an ISO using this guide)
  2. Attempt to play it

What I expected to happen

The emulator either halts, or informs me that an error has occurred and then halts the emulation.

What happens

Tower Unite crashes in such a way that I have to restart Steam to make it not see Tower Unite as still running.

Play has lots of compatibility issues. You’ll have to search here Issues · jpd002/Play-Compatibility · GitHub
for playable games.

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Should compatibility issues that lead to full client crashes be reported? I wasn’t sure and figured that even if it’s known incompatible, this might be an unwanted behavior.

Unfortunately if the emulator crashes, it’ll take Tower with it. But it is good to note issues so that others know.

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“If I go down, I’m taking you with me!” -Andross

It’s definitely crashing on me as well. Sometimes with games I’ve already played it will crash after playing it a couple of times. Also it crashes a lot when I have a Naomi cabinet on and any other cabinet as well.