[] Dreamcast only in Japanese and emulation speeds are doubled

Basically, the Dreamcast is only emulating games, even USA roms, in Japanese. Also, for some reason, the speed of emulation is double what it’s supposed to be and I couldn’t find any settings to stop this. Going through the menus is fine, but when cutscenes and gameplay start the game, sounds, and music double in speed.

I tried different roms in case they weren’t actually the US release, and I tried different BIOS, but none of them seemed to fix the issues.


Flycast frame rate speed up issues is something I’m actively working on resolving. It’s a bit more complex than other issues.


I’m glad it’s a known issue and that you’ve been working on it. I hope you can get it fixed soon!

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In the next update, there will be a toggle to fix the double speed issues for certain games. This toggle is Left Alt or Left Stick Down.

I found a way to set the language manually. It looks like, by default, the display language is set to Japanese.

If you’re on controller, press A, B, X, Y and Start all at the same time.
If you’re on keyboard, these buttons are, by default: Z, X, C, V and Enter.

If it worked, you’ll get booted out of the game and into the Dreamcast’s main menu, which is in Japanese.
If all it did was just put you on the title screen, just try it again until you get booted out into the menu.
It should look something like this.

Click on the clock icon in the lower right. When you get to another menu, click the top option and then click English on the pop-up.

Everything should be in English after you do this. You can just press Play at this point and the game will restart in English.

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Ah, thank you! I’ll be sure to try this out the next time I play!

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Sweet, can’t wait!