[] Dropped physics items respawned with I/O respawn twice

Physics items that have been picked up and dropped, and then given an I/O signal to respawn will respawn, but the respawn delay will keep going, and then when the delay is finished it will respawn a second time.

Steps to Reproduce

Place down a physics item and give it a spawn delay. Then set up something with I/O that respawns the item. Pick it up, then respawn it with the I/O input. Wait for the respawn delay to finish.

What I expected to happen

I expect for the physics item’s respawn delay to stop after the item respawns.

What happened

The respawn delay continues even after it respawns, causing it to respawn twice.

Notes / Media

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I think you can turn off the respawn after delay setting and it’ll still save the respawn location you set. (unless you still need that setting on or something, in which case I guess this advice is useless)