[] Casino Betting is bugged

I’ve had it occur multiple times, I’ll bet 10K on a single number on roulette and when I lose it takes way more than 10K, this time it just happened it took 50K for a 10K bet on 11.

Play the casino games and pay attention to paypout/loss.

Simple calculation to work.

I had 199K, I bet 10K on 11 in roulette, I lost and now I’m at 149K.

Notes / Media

Other misc notes about the bug. Picture or videos would be much appreciated!

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yeah i just won twice in bingo without receiving the pay out. i thought maybe i exited early. but the second time it happened i definitely waited till the timer had finished and the next game was about to begin. lost 60k in the second game. annoying, time wasting.

The issue here is with Bingo. We’re working on a fix. Bingo often times says it paid out, but did not, thus showing issues on other games.

Just happened again, I bet 1K in blackjack when I had 200K, and it took 40-50K