[] Cannot use chat while sitting at some Casino Slot Machines

When sitting at some machines in the casino, I’ve found that if you have re-bound your chat to something besides default (mine is set to t) it will not open while sitting at these machines. Resetting chat to the default (y) while at the machine or before getting on the machine will let you use chat.

Steps to Reproduce

I have tested this at Triple Diamonds slot machine and Wheel of Money slot machine. If you sit down and have the default chat setting, it will work. If at any point you rebind chat to something other than “y”, it will not let you pull chat up to send messages. This is not an issue at Blackjack tables or at Keno. (These are the only two other places I tested.)

What I expected to happen

Expected chat to open normally to reply to a message directed at me.

What happened

I got up from my machine to reply and lost my spot.

Notes / Media

I noticed T is set as toggle third person by default. I tried setting this to Y in case there was some conflict where it was trying to toggle third person while I was at the machine instead of opening chat. This still would not open chat.