[ and older versions] - Condo: Light strenght/brightness, "flicker," and moonlight intensity

Lights seem to go half-lit to full-lit randomly, and they have in past version, depending on viewing angle, erratically.

I first thought this was due to my condo being too resource heavy.

But today, when i changed the “moonlight intensity” in my smooth dirt condo,
from 0 to anything more then 0; all lights shine fully as normal and the erratic flickering is gone.

Is there something going on with moonlight and placed lights, in smooth dirt or other condos?
My condo is full night.

Steps to Reproduce

I am not sure, have smooth dirt, have it fully night, have alot of random lights, some possibly overlapping a little bit. Set moonlight to 0, be in some positions in the lights view/vicinity, move viewscreen around, down up, or move around - the light sources become very weak (not off) and then stronger flickery quick as you look up or down or left and right.

Then, set moonlight intensity to anything above 0, and this does not happen but all lights are as intended?, their full strenght.

What I expected to happen

The way it works with any moonlight on, i.e no random “low light/strong light” back and forth due to viewangle.

What happened

As mentioned in the other sections.

Lamps give full/normal? light strenght:

Lamps give much lower/abnormal light strenght?:

The only change here is panning to the right just a millipixel, lights go mute,
looking back left again millipixel, they turn back to full brightness.

But when setting moonlight intensity to anything above 0,
then lamps show their full strenght all the time as they should?