[] Size volumes goes crazy when using more than 1

Size volume goes crazy if you go above or below the value of 1

Steps to Reproduce

Place a size volume, set a value that is below or above 1, and watch how crazy it goes, you constantly change size.

What I expected to happen

The volume to set the selected size without going crazy.

Notes / Media

This is actually because you are right on the edge of the volume.

What happens is you get shrunk, then your collision updates to be smaller, putting you outside of the volume, then you become large again which then puts you back into the volume.

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Would it be more or less jarring to possibly have the center of the character get shifted to the nearest intersecting spot that intersects the volume once it initially hits and applies the scaling? Like if my left pinky hits the volume, shift my center point to where the pinky clipped it? Although I guess shifting people around like that might get weird if there’s multiple overlapping size volumes shifting you back and forth.

That just seems really annoying honestly. Also idk how that would address the problem here, you’d probably just get shifted up to the base of the volume, then fall down and exit the volume anyway

I changed the size of the volume, still happens

So I went into some more testing on an empty map, and it seems to bug when you have more than 1 size volume.
Both volumes does have a custom size changer (0.7x)
If you walk into one, works fine, but once you go into a 2nd one and go back into the first, it’s over and goes crazy.
Here’s another video to show you with better than words.

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