[] Three really minor leaderboard things (mostly Steam-sided)

Some leaderboard things idk if this needs to be formatted like a regular bug report. A lot of these don’t have any real impact in-game and only really come up if you’re looking at your stats in Steam.

Dark Voyage: Most Rides - Dark Voyage
Dark Voyage: Top Score - Dark Voyage

These are formatted like the Arcade and Minigolf where they have sub-sections however the main section is Dark Voyage and the subsection is Dark Voyage so it looks a bit redundant. I think it might supposed to be Shooting Gallery because of the title in the collection book but idk.


Accelerate: Best Time Bedzoom - Track 1
Accelerate: Best Time Bedzoom - Track 2

These are still using the appended track number instead of the renamed track names.

Best Time Wishy Washy Waterfall

This one is missing the "Accelerate: " prefix.

Reporting just for consistency sake.