[] Scale on workshop items dont save

When you adjust the scale of the workshop furniture item, it resets after reloading the condo.

Steps to Reproduce

place a work shop furniture item (dont even have to select a model) and then scale it. After scaling it leave your condo and re-enter it.

What I expected to happen

The scale to save

What happened

The scale was reverted to 1.0

Notes / Media

None, its pretty self explanitory

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I’m unable to reproduce this. Workshop items are scaling and saving for me. Are you scaling in co-op condos perhaps? That is a known bug.

im scaling in my condo, i even save the snapshot just to be sure and it resets my workshop items
EDIT: im uploading a video of this so you can see

this is a video of the bug in action

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still a problem after most recent update

I haven’t had a chance to fix it yet, been busy with the holidays.

alright just let me know when you do its still bugged

This is now fixed in the next update.

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