[] Driveable Sleigh acceleration is messy

Driveable Sleigh item has an issue with it’s acceleration and speed moving forwards and backwards.

Steps to Reproduce

1: Attach Sleigh item to your hotbar, turn into character in sleigh.
2: Press W or otherwise bound forward movement key, accelerate forward only to a slow crawl.
3: Decelerate and reverse using S or otherwise bound backward movement key, accelerate backwards at nearly twice the speed as going forward.

What I expected to happen

Step 2 of the above process should actually be a quite quick forward movement speed around the area after a short period of acceleration.
And reversing with step 3 to be slower, if not the same speed as moving forward.

What happened

The issue is the sleigh does not move the correct speed when moving forward. Instead, it moves the right speed (maybe even faster) backwards as you would expect to move forward.