[] Accessories obscuring vision in first person

Accessories (Namely Glasses / Face) obscure the players vision (seemingly at random) when in specific areas.

Steps to Reproduce

Select a player model from the steam workshop, I find this most commonly occurs on smaller ones.

I’m using this one to reproduce the issue, but this works with several other models as well.

Equip cosmetics; Here I’m using the noseclip glasses specifically, but all accessories as far as I’m appear.

Walk toward the seating in the bowling alley, walk around the front entrance / bathroom of a default condo.

In the bowling alley specifically this effect is present everywhere around and past the seating toward the lanes. Very hard to miss.

This also happens when sitting in various places on occasion, but it’s less common. (Not specific to the bowling alley or condo.)

What I expected to happen

Accessories (or at the very least glasses and faceware) should not be rendered / visible while in first person.

What happened

Obviously, this makes the game difficult to play in first person. I can’t see unless I remove the accessories in question.

Notes / Media

After swapping between some different models (including the defaults) and changing size a few times, the effect went away temporarily.

This happens in areas with mirrors so that your accessories will appear in the reflections (although them obscuring your vision is definitely a bug). The bowling alley uses a mirror reflection for the floor, but you can disable that in the graphics settings.


Yeah the bug here is that the Bowling alley reflection shouldn’t do what the other mirrors do.