[] New boulders items hitbox is off

The new boulder cliff/boulder items have a hitbox that is different from the visual mesh itself

Steps to Reproduce

Take a boulder item and scale it way up, then try walking on its surface

What I expected to happen

I expected to walk across the surface of the mesh

What happened

My condo has some funny mountain’s to walk over

Notes / Media

I remember you guys having the same problem with canvas piles and it got fixed.

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How scaled up is this?
I’ll look into this, but even the accurate colliders for complex shapes will become inaccurate when scaled too far.

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The one in the demonstration is a “Boulder Large” here are the scalings on it:



Here is my condo for context and reference:

also another note I would like to add is here is the canvas pile 3 and (previously bugged in a similar way) scaled to:
No found defects when I walk all over it, here is a sped-up video of me walking along the surface of the pile:

I figured the test would be a little unfair knowing that the canvas pile 3 does not concave in very much so I did the same thing on the canvas pile 2:

for comparison here is the boulder cliff 1 scaled at only 50 on each numeral:

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The problem seems to be half fixed… only two objects changed.
I’ll let the video do the talking

Text didn’t work in editing program so the order goes:
boulder cliff 1 rating: terrible, boulder cliff 2 rating: fixed, boulder cliff 3 rating: fixed, boulder large 1 rating: bad, boulder large 2 rating: bad, boulder large 3 rating: bad

they are all scaled to 50 on each direction

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