[] Unable to buy items fron The Ghoulcery

Summary of bug here.
The bug isnt allowing players to buy items.
Example: i can buy the angel wings but another player on the server can. Meanwhile that same player cant buy the itwm theyve been trying to get.

Steps to Reproduce

Please list how this bug can be reproduced, if possible. Pictures would be much appreciated!
Step one: spend hours in game (ive had the game open for about 8 hours now)
Step two: try and buy an item from the ghoulcery

What I expected to happen

The normal behavior.

You should recive the item you wanted to buy

What happened

The issue the bug caused.

Upon buying the item youll recieve "Transaction Failed. Please try again. X close

Ive seen a few other report this but was told to report this if i encountered it. Others in game couldnt buy the trail items while i personally cannot purchase the angel wings.


We are working to resolve this today. I’ll post an update when it has been resolved.

This is now resolved.