[] High variation numbers can be copied to items with less variations

Sorry if the title’s a bit hard to understand. Basically, for example, if you copy properties from an item set to variation 4, and you copy its properties to an item that has less than 4 variations, the item with less variations will now be set to variation 4.

This isn’t immediately an issue since it just defaults to the appearance of the item’s first variation. But, if a 4th variation is ever added to the item, all items set to variation 4 will now appear as the new 4th variation. This happened to me with Canvas Cylinders when their 3rd variation was added in; I had unknowingly set their variations to 3 by copying properties from Canvas Tubes, so after the update, nearly every full cylinder in the condo had become quarter cylinders.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Select an item with a high variation number with the Copycat
  • Copy properties to an item with less total variations than the first item’s current variation number

What I expected to happen

The variation on the item with less variations would either remain unchanged or be set to its last variation.

What happened

It now has a higher variation number than its actual last variation.

Notes / Media

Canvas Cylinder set to Variation 10 after applying properties from the Canvas Tube to the left: