[] A few small virus bugs

The first thing is that the “Mysterious Desert Whales” achievement shows a counter of 0/25. implying there are 25 whales hidden around when there are only 4. And it is granted upon finding all 4. None of the other plush finding achievements have this counter.

The second thing has been posted by user Emerstta, link to their post below. Essentially, sometimes at the start of a new round, your camera will stay where you were for a couple seconds. When your camera catches up to where you’ve now spawned, you will either have no weapons, 1 TNT labeled “unknown”, or all of your weapons, but unequippable and all labeled “unknown” with 0 ammo.
I think this can also happen without the camera thing? But it happens rather consistently whenever the camera thing happens.
As soon as the first infected is chosen, your weapons do appear and you can play like normal.

On Solar there are these weird invisible walls in front of what look like drop down points. There are 2 drop down points over each other, so you can fall to the bottom floor from 2 different levels, but they both have invisible walls covering most of them. Except for around the edges, when you can go through and get down through there. Despite those edges being slippery, I HAVE actually seen a player stay there and try to cheese the round. Thankfully the back wall is close enough to where you enter from and the infected could get them.
It’s really off because like… everywhere else you can drop down just not in these two spots… except you can from the sides? I hope people know where I’m talking about.

One last thing is something I’m not positive is a bug but I’ll say it anyway. The lighting in Subway is a little weird, and it makes the Crossbow’s bolt appear white. The whole map in general just looks like it’s been tinted white.

Notes / Media

Link to Emerstta’s Post [] Virus: Empty Weapon Slots During Random Round Preparations

Whales counter in collection book https://imgur.com/a/lxjt35w

White Crossbow in Subway https://imgur.com/a/s2llPF6

Solar dropdowns in question https://imgur.com/a/NvkPWaI