[]TV Connection Issues and TV Wall Item

Making new thread to specifically address the issues with the TV wall item - however the general bug was posted earlier this year: [] Persistent connections (cameras w/ TVs) no longer work

  • Media players randomly disconnect, as pointed out in the previous thread
  • The “TV Wall” item in specific is a consistent culprit. Almost every time I load into my condo, none of my TV walls remain synced up to the connector media player. I have to re-load into the condo to get to turn on.
  • Various media players will not be connected for multiplayer players, even if everything works for the host.

Steps to Reproduce

Put a media player down like a basic flat screen TV. Put several others down and connect them to it. Connect TV walls to it. Join condo, see if it works. If it all works, try joining again and again. Eventually, it shouldn’t work. For the multiplayer aspect, just have a player join with you to test it on their end.

What I expected to happen

The media players should always be connected.

What happened

They aren’t connected.


Issue is still frequently happening. Rejoining condos sometimes works or just switches which links are broken.


Still happening on