[] Lost 140k tokens in the arcade while trying to purchase items from the arcade shop

I earned 100k ticketss in the arcade and went to the arcade shop to buy a few items and it loaded for ages after i clicked “checkout” and then it said “not enough funds”. I did have enough tickets so I clicked it again and then I noticed after the second or third time the tickets had been spent but I did not get the items I wanted to buy. So I went back and earned 100k tickets again in batches rather than all in one go this time. The final 40k out of the 100k, the same thing happened again. So I had to then earn the 40k again to finally get all the items I originally wanted. So in total, it cost me 240,000 tokens to buy 100,000 tokens worth of items. I was wondering if it was possible to be refunded 140,000 tickets?

Steps to Reproduce

The second time the issue happened, I think I noticed the cause. It seems that if you add several items to your basket and at checkout you delete on of those items from your basket and go back into the shop to replace that item with the same priced item so the total does not change and you have the exact amount needed to purchase your total basket, it would cause an issue and tell you that you don;t have enough funds and then take the tokens total but don’r give you the items. It seems as if the item you delete from the basket is still added to the total but doesn’t display it and then thinks you don’t have enough tokens even if you do then takes the tokens off you.

Just to make it a little more clear, this is an example:
You have 40,000 tokens.
You add 4 things to your basket that cost 10,000 each.
You go to your basket and take one of those items off (you picked the wrong item maybe or something)
You then go back to the store and add an alternative 10,000 token item to your basket.
You go to check out and the total is 40,000 and you have 40,000.
This is when I think the store thinks you want to buy 50,000 tickets worth of items as it still includes the item you deleted from the basket but displays the total cost being 40,000. The error then occurs and you lose your tickets.

I hope I explained this correctly and this is my best guess to what the issue is.

Thank you for reading.

What I expected to happen

The normal behavior.

What happened

The issue the bug caused.

Notes / Media

Other misc. notes about the bug. Picture or videos are appreciated!

I’d be happy to help. Please post a link to your Steam Community page so I can look up your account info.

Thank you for looking into this:

I assume one of these work :smiley:

Thank you, I’ve awarded you the missing tickets.

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Thank you so much! I hope my post some what helps towards finding a long term fix too :slight_smile:

Hey, I have just logged on and I think I was given 140,000 units and not 140,000 tickets in the arcade.

I still only have 1,535 tickets and I think I have 140,000 more units than usual.

I was just wondering if this could be swapped around? It was 140,000 arcade tickets that I had lost because of this bug/glitch.

Thank you!

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Final message. You are a star and thank you for the help!

Sorry for the back and forth and I appreciate your work <3

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