[] Firework Launcher rocket jumps push you to the left

After the latest update, if you shoot a rocket straight at your feet with the Firework Launcher, you’ll get launched to the left; this means that when rocket jumping normally, I’ll often be pushed slightly to the left when it feels like I should just be going straight forward. This has been an issue with Kalleira’s Wand since it was added, but hasn’t really been a thing for the firework launcher until now.

Also, I’m not sure if this is due to this bug specifically or the netlag fixes in general, but sometimes rocket jumps (usually when chaining jumps together) won’t launch me at all, even though it really feels like they should have. Sometimes I also take 5 self damage when this happens, which is kind of funny.

Steps to Reproduce

Shoot a rocket directly at my feet

What I expected to happen

I’ll be launched straight up, maybe pushed forward slightly

What happened

I’m pushed strongly to the left

Notes / Media

Getting pushed to the left:

Taking self damage instead of rocket jumping:


I always assumed how Kalleira’s Wand worked was how it was supposed to be since before it seemed like the push force was coming from wherever you looked instead of the rocket itself, so if you shot the rocket off into the oblivion but the crosshair was an a nearby wall, it’d still send you flying. It seems like this is trying to be more like a regular rocket launcher from TF2 as opposed to being like The Original, which is what it was like before, though TF2 sends you less to the left than this. I don’t prefer this, but I do think it would make sense to someone who just picked up the game.

I also get the rocket jumps not working at all sometimes, even when firing straight down at my feet from a standing position.

This was fixed in the hot fix.