[] Physics-al Media does not retain canvas color when leaving the condo.

The Physics-al Media item appears white when re-entering the condo no matter what color you have applied to it. It seems to remember what color it was originally set to, but in order for it to appear the proper color again you have to change the color and then change it back.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Place a Physics-al media item down
  2. Give it a canvas
  3. Change the color of the canvas
  4. Exit and reenter the condo
  5. The canvas will appear white, even though it says it’s what ever color you set it.

What I expected to happen

The canvas color appears the color it’s set as

What happened

The canvas appears white instead of the proper color it’s supposed to be.

Notes / Media

The media’s Plastic color seems unaffected by this bug, it’s only the Label color that is affected.

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