[] MiniGolf Cosmic Ball sound changed

The Cosmic Ball which is the final milestone reward for achieving God rank in Minigolf has had it’s sound changed, the sounds of hitting objects and falling in a hole are the same, but when the ball is moving the sound is completely different from before. No longer does it sound like an actual cosmic ball hurling through space, it just sounds like a reverberating engine.

Steps to Reproduce

Equipping the Cosmic Ball in Minigolf

What I expected to happen

When my Cosmic golfball is moving it should sound like a cool mysterious alien like sound

What happened

The Cosmic Golfball’s sound when moving around is completely different and underwhelming. It sounds more like a reverbing engine from a motorbike or car than a cosmic ball hurling through space.

Do you have a clip of the old sound? Cause the current sound sounds the same as always to me.

i don’t unfortunately. But i know the sound is very different because i always play with the Cosmic Golfball, when the ball is moving it has a spacey humming sound like an alien spaceship, but now it’s a reverbing engine like sound, it’s more abrasive.