[] Canvas Decals not Syncing for Clients

What clients see in my condo differs from what I do for my canvas decals.

Steps to Reproduce

Host a condo with an item using fine decal settings, for example .01 on depth.

What I expected to happen

The items to appear the same for both myself and client.

What happened

From a distance for the client, decals don’t appear whatsoever. Zooming in or walking closer shows them, but incorrectly from the host’s pov. Screenshots below.

Notes / Media

Anything with really low scale will most likely not work very well. The depth of .01 is the issue here. I’d suggest increasing that to improve it.

It looks like regardless of scale, the width, height and depth settings on decals don’t sync with clients whatsoever. We were seeing different results, and when I set it to 1.0 it looked the same on both ends.

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Okay, I’ll take a look into it for the next update.

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This is now solved in the Halloween 2022 update.

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The Halloween 2022 update isn’t out yet.

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