[] Paper crown becomes unmasked when interacting with all arcade machines

Paper crown PNG bugs and shows as black background jpg with crown.

Steps to Reproduce

Wear the Paper crown
interact with anything that locks your position in a game or machine.

What I expected to happen

Crown looks normal and the dead space is transparent

What happened

The png bugs with the lighting?

Notes / Media



This also happens when you play fruit frenzy. It bugs and stays bugged after you complete it. I think the dash may cause it.

also with pool, probably other things.

Sorry for the necro, but I finally got the Paper Crown last night and was sad to see this bug is unfortunately still around. It also occurs while playing anything in the Casino, if that helps.

eh it’s whatever, maybe they will see it and fix it now.

think we confirmed its cause of the player fade system

you could try toggling it off and see if it still resolves the issue

Are you referring to “Plaza: Fade Player Models While in Games” setting under Game/HUD > Camera/View? Tried turning it off but my crown is still bugged.

Damn…turning it off used to fix it previously. Guess the bug is growing in size.