[] Why does the neon tubes look like this now?

You guys removed the NEON from neon tubes, why?

That looks like a bug. Thread should be moved to the bug reports subforum.

This happens if you have too many neon tubes. It’s an engine bug with tube lighting. It’s been around for awhile.

Actually no, I know what you mean, they look dimmed down in the light, but this time it has completely made the neon tubes look plastic-y instead of the neon aspect.

This was part of a material change done to Neon Tubes. Before, the material would not colour (meaning you’d have a white tube with red light). For this update I gave them a new material that focused on colour, we’ll look into adding better brightness.

I have implemented better reflection of light intensity on the material, and now it looks a lot less dark when you tune the brightness. This will ship with the next update.
Neon bar


But there was nothing wrong with the other neon tubes tho :frowning: also why not wait changing it until the update comes on so that the neon is still there.

The Neon bar did not colour before, which meant that people’s neon lights were more frequently white than any other colour. Now the Neon actually uses that colour.

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