[] "Too Early / Disqualified!" in Bingo's blackout round?

Whenever I play Bingo and get to the blackout round, I almost always receive a “Too Early / Disqualified!” after completing one of my cards and hitting “call bingo”. I’m not sure if it’s because I usually play with multiple cards (although I’ve won blackout with multiple cards a handful of times before). I’ve never had an issue with keeping up with the numbers being called so I don’t think that’s the problem. Are there any special rules to blackout that I’m missing?

From what i have seen the only rule for blackout is that all the numbers on your card has to actually have been called.

Basically this means that if you try and call a bingo on a completely filled card and even a single number on the card hasn’t actually been called on the big screen it will be disqualified.

Haven’t run into it myself, but I think there’s also a thing where if you call bingo too quickly after you fill out your card (both in normal bingo and blackout) you’ll get disqualified? I think it’s supposed to be an anti-botting/macro thing, but I’ve heard it’s way too sensitive.

It is absolutely very sensitive. I waited a full second to call bingo on a blackout round and it still disqualified me (specifically stating “Too fast!”). Since bingo is a very visual game (you have to precisely point and click while listening to audio cues or visual ones) I don’t believe it can be botted very easily & would require some kinda screen scraper (which is hard to make accurate from what i understand). I wouldn’t mind having the disqualification completely removed for calling it too quickly (that’s the point of bingo anyway, right?)

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Actually…having thought about it (like just now) maybe it refers to you not having the correct numbers? In that case, maybe the text should be adjusted to actually point out how you have a False Bingo.

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