[] Horse Racing money bugs

One round, I didn’t bet in time, putting nothing on the table, and the game inexplicably took 97,600 credits from my account nevertheless, betting it on nothing, just stealing it outright.

Another time, the table kicked out all active players mid-round, costing me another 20k+.

The third glitch was by far the worst. For some reason, during one of my earlier bets, instead of granting me the 200k+ I was owed from a 110k(ish) bet I was owed, it detracted the 200k AND THE 110K BET.

In total, I’m owed at least a little over 400k in currency due to bugs. I’ll happily lose to a bad bet, but I’ll not tolerate having most of my money stolen by the game via glitches.

Steps to Reproduce

-Sitting out a round of betting after having previously bet the prior round
-Watching the game detract the listed amount of money instead of adding it.
-Idk why the table kicked everyone out one round, or how to replicate it.

What I expected to happen

Not have my money stolen through bugs.

What happened

Most of my money is gone, and now I never want to play in the casino again. Because I did not lose the money myself, but had it taken via glitch, I’d love it if at least the same amount (400k) was put back into my account. (If you want to add more, I definitely wouldn’t say no, but I do feel I’m owed what the bug stole from me.)

(Update): Video footage of the table glitching out:

This happened to me.

Someone else said they received a lot more money then they should have. I believe person winning other people’s money was sitting in the front most right seat.

I had this same thing happen, it booted me from the casino for wrong key press on the prompt when I was never prompted, got back into the casino and started the game again and it took nearly 5m off my account.

What’s happening is that you won 5 million in a previous game, but the backend didn’t save it. So when it goes to sync your account with the backend and the game, it shows as a diff of -5 million. This obviously isn’t good still, but you didn’t lose 5 million - you didn’t gain it in the first place.

I’ll be happy to restore lost units, I’ve been going through every support ticket on our Discord to restore units for players. Just provide a link to your Steam URL and I’ll be able to adjust your accounts accordingly.

We are working as hard as we can to resolve these issues.


Hi, thanks for clarifying. This was really frustrating on my end. I thought about submitting a ticket on Discord, but the rules said that for bugs, I shouldn’t use Discord, but instead come here. I’m lucky my losses aren’t in the area of 5 mil, but if you could restore my 400k, I would definitely be grateful.


No worries! I have restored your lost units.


Same happened to me, didn’t screenshot it because I didn’t realize until I looked and saw 200k was sapped from my credits.
I guess it may have something to do with that chair, because that’s the same chair I sat on.
All I know now is that all my money is gone, I hope there’s a resolution for this soon.

Thanks! Appreciated!

Thanks for the explanation, although the money had been won over multiple games as no horse has 50:1 odds, so it is units that should have stayed on my account.

I understand there’s a lot of pressure on the servers at the moment. I would definitely appreciate the units being restored.

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