[] Double or Nothing lets you play if you're broke

Double or Nothing in the Casino, when set to five tokens, will say it is subtracting 25 Units from my real purse, but the number will bounce back and forth between 4 and 9* if I have under 25.

Steps to Reproduce

Be dumb and lose all your money, then play Double or Nothing to try to get it down to a nice zero

What I expected to happen

Should’ve been booted from the seat, or at least told to come back with some cash

What happened

Allowed to continue to play indefinitely (and even get winnings!)

Notes / Media

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just a growing pain of the Casino 2 update, and it’s not exactly a ludicrous money printer, but still

*That is, the number of Units I have to my name will go from 4 to 9 or back with every play/loss.