[] Canvas Door/Hatch Does Not Save Door Settings

For the door settings (Locked, Automation, Advanced) it does not save the settings, whether done by snapshot or autosave.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Place down a Canvas Door/Hatch
  2. Apply door settings
  3. Save snapshot
  4. Load snapshot
  5. Try opening or interacting with the door, doesn’t react to settings placed.

What I expected to happen

The doors to save the settings.

What happened

The doors didn’t save the settings, and I have to keep applying them every time I come back to the condo.

Notes / Media

It’s a small bug and easy to reproduce, I love the new Canvas Doors, but it’s hard to work with currently since they don’t save the settings.

This is fixed in the next update. Canvas Doors will also regain their Frame toggle

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