[] Workshop Models Not Loading In

Whenever I play the game, all models are default and workshop models fail to load in. My character’s model appears but I am unable to see anyone’s model. Everyone looks like this to me:


I have workshop models ON through the settings, and have turned it off and on while reinstalling multiple times. No matter what it is always default characters. I have also turned off Steam Cloud Sync and still no luck

Steps to Reproduce

Every time I load into the game

What I expected to happen

Being able to see User’s Workshop model

What happened

Unable to see any workshop models.

Notes / Media

Other misc notes about the bug. Picture or videos would be much appreciated!

Problem has been fixed.

Issue seemed to be that i had a blocked player in my blocked player models list from a few years ago that was bugged and blank. Once i removed this “player” from the blocked list all other models began to load in.

The bug seemed to be that an old blocked player from a few years ago was somehow being read as everyone and blocking everyone’s player model.