[] Spooky Sound Emitter's visual radius indicator is inaccurate

The Spooky Sound Emitter plays noise slightly further out than the visual radius sphere indicates.

Also, it seems like the radius of the sound doesn’t actually go under how 300 appears visually, so setting it to 100 or lower, for example, causes it to play sounds much further than you’d expect it to.

Notes / Media

(I stand still for the last like 5 seconds of the video because my recording software wouldn’t end the recording despite me spamming the end recording hotkey)


I think this is related to how Unreal Engine 4 handles falloff distance for sounds. It acts a bit silly but there’s a seperate parameter from the sound radius. I don’t know if the variable is exposed to be editable in the Condo editor, but I would wager that is what is making it weird. I have had a few problems with it in UE4.