[] Ordering of Player Condos list doesn't work

The top row headers don’t sort anything. They just seem to refresh and randomize the order. Plus they don’t seem to graphically indicate that you can flip the ordering in the other direction

Steps to Reproduce

  1. From the Main Screen, go to Condo → Visit Condos
  2. Observe the current order of condos
  3. Click on any column and observe the new order
  4. Repeat step 3 several times on the same column, and do so for each column

What I expected to happen

The order of the player condos to change based on sequencing the data in the column clicked on

What happened

The order of the player condos is completely random and irrelevant of which column you have clicked on, or how many times you have clicked on a particular column.


As also mentioned, the arrow just always points down. So I can’t easily see what condos are quiet vs what condos have a party going on


Update to this: If you go into the Visit Condo screen, click sort by the number of players, then close that screen and go to the “Plaza” screen, now the order of THAT screen is changed from players descending to players ascending. When you click on “name” the plaza screen goes back to normal

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Bumping this cause it’s still present.

I think that the 2nd post is perhaps the hint at this issue. Like trying to sort the List of Condos is actually modifying something about the Plaza list instead.