[] Arcade Tokens

I’m confused about what’s going on with the Arcade, and while it could technically be a design choice, I wonder if it’s more of a bug or an oversight or something, as it doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. As you know, the Arcade (which I could not find an independent forum for, so I’m posting this here under the Plaza) technically uses three currencies: Units, Tokens, and Tickets. You convert your Units up to 250 Tokens at a time, which you then pay to the machines and attractions at the Arcade to win Tickets. This is all fine and dandy, but I’ve noticed that, when using any of the Arcade’s attractions (with the exception of perhaps the pool tables), it spends the corresponding Tokens - though it also takes Units from me directly. Again, if this is a design choice, I’d like some intel on the logic behind it, because I’m scratching my head at it - I thought the whole point of Tokens for the Arcade was to create a liaison between Units and Tickets, and I have been previously informed that the 250-Token cap is to prevent people from hogging machines, which makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, I can’t get a screenshot directly, but according to what I’ve seen, using Pluck-A-Pal, for example, costs me both 50 Tokens and 1,000 Units. Now, yes, I have lots of Units, but I already cashed in Units for Tokens, so…why is Pluck-A-Pal (in addition to most other machines at the Arcade) costing me 1,000 Units per try? I believe this wasn’t always the case, and the Arcade machines only cost players a set number of Tokens (which varies depending on the machine). Furthermore, I don’t see the Unit transactions in my Payout History window when using the Esc key to access the main menu. This also makes me wonder if this is a mechanical bug or something. I apologize if I am mistaken, but if I happen to be, I would appreciate some feedback on what exactly is going on. Thank you.

For Pluck-a-pal, this is a visual bug. When you exchange tokens with your units, you’re just setting aside a set amount of units to use as tokens. You don’t lose any units during that exchange until you use a machine. It shouldn’t be showing a unit transaction popup when using machines.

Ah, OK. I think I get it. I was in Tower Unite the other day, and when I went into the Arcade, I did see my on-hand Units being spent when buying Tokens, so I still see them be exchanged when I buy Tokens and when I use the machines. So is that not supposed to be happening? I have a lot of Units, and the general idea behind “reserving” Units for Tokens to use at the Arcade machines does make sense, but I just want to be sure that I understand the situation correctly.

Thank you for your response in the meantime!