[] Can't have more than one playlist per condo (?)

Hey, Tipper here.

So now that media playlists that save with the condo have been implemented, of course there’s some bugs. The issue I’m having with playlists expands beyond something that can summarized as a single point issue. They seem to be very buggy at the moment when you’re trying to have multiple playlists in a single condo.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Start off with two screen (I’m not sure if they have to be any two screens or if they have to be of the same model)

  2. Turn on one TV and set up a playlist.

  3. Turn on the other TV and press Q. First off, this is not the right UI element that should be there. This UI element implies that there is a playlist already loaded for it. But there is no videos loaded for the TV. And if you click Edit Playlist, you begin editing the other playlist.

  4. If you leave an re-enter the condo, and activate the other TV without a playlist, you can now do playlist stuff on that TV.

  5. Boot up the playlist.

  6. Turn on the other TV, the playlist that you saved loads (side now, here is when I realized that it actually skipped the first video in the original playlist, that may be another bug…) but when you hit the Edit Playlist button, you are brought to the other screen’s, the other playlist pops up.

  7. At this point, I have no clue whats even going on and I’m all confused, but I know my playlists are tangled and I can’t edit them properly… Like how am I supposed to add music to the other playlist?

What I expected to happen

I expected a separate playlist to pop up when I had a separate media player, the two playlists are completely isolated and I can set up as many as I’d like.

What happened

It seems to be the first playlist to be “activated” in the condo is preventing the other ones from appearing correctly.

Notes / Media

As noted before, there is another issue with playlists eating on of the videos in them. But yea, it looks like someone with familiarity with the game should figure out whats up with it.

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Luckily this is just a UI issue and something easily fixable.

This is now fixed in the hot fix.

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