[] Acrophobia Helicopter at boss glitched.

While we were killing the boss on the new Zombie map Acrophobia, the boss wasn’t dead yet and the helicopter came. One of us got on the helicopter accidentally, and it put all of us to a screen similar to the screen when you leave on the helicopter, except the helicopter wasn’t there and zombies were still hitting us, while we were immune to damage and sitting on that screen. We decided to leave and retry, this time killing the boss faster and avoiding the helicopter until all of the zombies were dead, and we got a normal victory.

Steps to Reproduce

Step 1: Get to Day 6 on Acrophobia.
Step 2: Do not kill boss and wait for the timer to eventually say the helicopter is arriving.
Step 3: When the helicopter arrives, have someone get onto it.
Step 4: Profit.

What I expected to happen

The helicopter to not be able to pick anyone up until the boss and all zombies were dead.

What happened

The helicopter was able to pick us up and cause the glitch mentioned above.

Notes / Media

Forgot to take screenshots.

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