[] Accessories visible in first person while near mirrors

When in first person, accessories can be seen while in first person when within the rendering range of a mirror.

# Steps to Reproduce
Results vary from one model to another given the variety of accessory size, but this can be recreated with regular bodies as well. For the following screenshot I’ll use the skeleton body.
It also requires being within the rendering range of a mirror- once beyond the range of a mirror, the bug ceases.
In the following image, I’m looking up, crouching, and walking forward.

Results can be made a lot more clear using a body with larger accessories.
The following image is from crouching and walking sideways.

The following image is from walking forwards. Additionally, it shows that this behavior is still produced with the mirror obstructed.

# What I expected to happen
Accessories not showing up in first person.

# What happened
Accessories showing up in first person. The intrusion is somewhat minor, and can be negated by removing the mirror, but with some models it can be an annoyance.

Notes / Media

An example of the effect not being produced with the mirror disabled.

When I started submitting this bug I didn’t realize it was a thing with the mirror until realizing it only happened when I was around the mirror. Given that, it’s pretty clearly a side effect of making accessories actually appear in the mirror, so you guys are probably already aware of this, but it doesn’t hurt to bring it up regardless.

As something of a soft-fix, you might add an option to choose whether or not accessories render in mirrors. Though I’m no programmer so who knows if that’s any easier than fixing this or if it’s even possible.

Accessories have to be visible in order to show up on the mirror, but what’s not functioning is the new hats are not setup to fade out based on where your camera is, so they won’t show up in first person. This seems to only effect the new hats.

Sorry for the necro on this, but this issue still seems to be occurring.

I don’t want to have to take off all my cosmetics just so I can see in rooms with mirrors!

I hope this gets fixed soon!

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