[] Grand Quest: Attack doesn't always cause damage during increased odds/winnings casino events

Seems like the logic of how to handle giving a better chance of getting something that isn’t a trip has broke how the damage happens somehow.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Play Grand Quest during an increased odds/winnings casino event such as Luck of the Irish
  2. Land on Attack several times and observe how much damage is done to the dragon

What I expected to happen

The dragon should take 5HP damage every time you land on Attack

What happened

The dragon will, under random or certain circumstances, deal damage but not receive any damage. When this happens, it often then happens about 1/2 of the time. It seems to be tied to your player not doing the attack animation.

Notes / Media


I forget when it was, but there were at least 2 Casino events where odds/winnings were increased that resulted in Attack not causing damage. Once it goes back to regular odds, this stops happening.

I am not sure what sequence of events causes the Attack to not do damage, but it’s definitely not every time. I’d say 5-10% of the time this happens.

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Under normal circumstances, when rolling the action the player actually has 2 chances to trip. During casino events this is meant to be disabled by changing the selected action when the player rolls the 2nd trip, but the code was written incorrectly and included a chance to roll 0 which is a ‘nothing’ action the game doesn’t normally handle. This should be fixed, pending testing, thank you for the report.