[] Heart Icon can be targeted by condo editing tools

When wearing a heart icon, if the placement somehow ends up in front of the Player’s camera (as seen using Minecraft Bee model), it can be targeted using Tower Glove, and can block access to items with E, or hovering over items with the mouse randomly in editing mode.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Equip heart icon
  • Change model to model that has incorrect placement (see: Minecraft Bee)
  • Use Tower Glove or other condo editing, see random acts on Heart Icon instead

What I expected to happen

The Heart Icon should be locked and not even considered targetable, so you can edit through it.

What happened

Editing condos with it equipped is significantly harder.

Notes / Media

Bee model placement

See bottom right “Shrunk Heart Icon”

In this screenshot, my cursor is attempting to target the floor for editing, but the Heart Icon can block it. This occurs in first person as well. It does not occur on any other parts of my model or any accessories worn.

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Fixed in

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