[] Face-Type Cosmetics have no Slider and do not Align properly. (Also the Sci-Fi Visor is busted)

Ever since we started getting Face-category items, We’ve received no option to adjust them independently of other cosmetics, which causes issues when it comes to fitting them correctly on workshop models. The Screenshots below show what I mean.

Also take note that the Sci-fi Visor sits above my eyes rather than over them. I believe the Origin Point for this item is not aligned with the others, and thus causes it to sit at a different position than other eye cosmetics.

Steps to Reproduce

Wear any Face Cosmetic, notice how its all weird and doesn’t fit right. I also see no option to adjust it in the Workshop menu.

For the Visor, just wear it.

What I expected to happen

For the face cosmetics to have a slider and align properly.

I also expected the Sci-Fi Visor to fit on my eyes like other glasses and also have the moving light thingy.

What happened

I now have a piece of toast lodged in my chin and my wife has divorced me for using satanic magic to smoke my pipe and cigarette.

My Sci-Fi Visor also will not fit over my eyes properly so I cannot see due to my advanced astigmatism that only allows me to view light through futuristic technology.

Notes / Media

These 2 issues have been in the game for a while but apparently nobody made a post on them. If that’s not the Bystander Effect on steroids idk what is.

This isn’t a bug because every cosmetic is designed to fit the default models since that is their point of reference. That & the cosmetics have different origin points, meaning a model that’s completely different from the defaults can’t be expected to fit everything (at least without per-item offsets which should be a thing!)

Default vs my Niko Model

Aside from that, myself & many others do agree that a separate offset for face items (not glasses items) would be nice.

Face items are tied to Glasses scale, but the Sci-Fi visor is actually tied to your Head scale. I feel like that may have been intentional to have it wrap around your head… but it defeats the entire purpose of it.

It’d be extremely helpful to get the Face scale separated.