[] Unable to mass purchase beer at Project 12/Nightclub

At any vendors that sell alcohol such as Project 12 and The Nightclub you can only purchase 1 beer during each shopping session. However any other drinks other than the beer (bottle) you can buy in multiples. I found this attempting to get the “Smart” Investor achievement. I then attempted the achievement using Tower Express and also failed and did not register my 200 purchases for the achievement.

Steps to Reproduce

Talk to Project 12/Nightclub vendor
Click to purchase beer multiple times

What I expected to happen

I can purchase more than one beer at a time.

What happened

I can only purchase one beer at a time.


This also makes unlocking the Smart Investor achievement extremely difficult.

This is now fixed in

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This bug is still not resolved as of July 4, 2022. Achievement is far too tedious one by one, oh well has yet to be released. It is the Casino Phase 2 update. Once that is out, this bug will be fixed.

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