[] Condo Inventory Open Bug

When editing in the Condo, the Condo Inventory will sometimes stay open, and the mouse will not lock to the screen. No items are usable, and it’s like you’re stuck in edit mode.

Steps to Reproduce

Go into your Condo, and start editing. Scale items, and move around. Some times, more often then not for me, when you try to exit edit mode to use items, the Inventory window will remain open. This causes the Mouse to not lock to the game, and you’d need to hold right-click to pan the camera to look around.

In the screenshot, I am not holding Q for the inventory to remain open. My mouse is visible, and I cannot move my characters head around to look. Doors, and other interactions do not work, and the edit points like the lights remain visible.

What I expected to happen

Exiting the edit menu on an item by pressing the x to close, or pressing q should allow you to walk around, and interact with items as normal. As if you’re not in edit mode.

What happened

Cannot get back to normal mode in the Condo. Pressing K to kill yourself, then pressing TAB to bring up a menu will sometimes fix this issue.

Notes / Media

Editing controls in the Condo feel off, are they being worked on? It’s not easy to manipulate walls or items. I think this bug relates to scaling an item, then being stuck, but it does happen when just moving or rotating an item as well.

Judging from the screenshot, you have advanced edit mode on. Advanced edit mode automatically puts you in flying mode, keeps the inventory open, and shifts around a lot of the camera/movement controls. The hotkey for it is `, so you probably just pressed that on accident.

Hi there, I’ll double check this.
However, I did think this was the case, and disabling Advanced Edit mode by the Condo inventory does not return to normal.

Also, I can’t fly, and no-clip is disabled. I can walk forward, back, step left, and step right, but I need to hold the mouse button down to turn the camera.

Here, I cannot look around, or use the CopyCat tool.
I am stuck looking forward, and have to use the mouse with right-click held down to pan the camera.

Inventory is stuck on screen.
Advanced Edit is not on.

Replying again to say I’ve actually been getting this bug too, now. It seems like it mostly happens when I use the item finder or the sell/lock/stash buttons in the item edit menu.

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