[] Accelerate: no items on 1st lap

Update Update []: This issue is still present.


Update []: The video evidence submitted below was me joining a race mid-way through the 1st Round. In Round 2, I did not get any items until nearly the end of the 1st lap. This is a common issue.

The Video


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Update []: This can sometimes happen when joining a race in progress even if nobody has finished. Sometimes no items will be retrieved on the first lap of the 1st or 2nd part of the race.


Original Post []:
So, this is as I understand it because it has happened a lot:
When you join a race already in progress (in the 1st part) and someone has already finished (not everyone)… as the “Hurry Up” timer counts down and hits zero the race ends… as normal… however, in the 2nd part of the race, in the first lap even though you’ll run over item collection, you won’t get an item at all. Once you’re in the 2nd lap however, you will get items as normal.

Join 1st part of race in progress with 1st person already finished.
In the 2nd part, the first lap will net you no items.

This is the closest I can come up with a description, but it has happened multiple times.