[] Teleporters teleport noclipped players, disable noclip flight

When a noclipping player approaches a teleporter with “ask permission” off, the player will be teleported and will have their noclip flight disabled, causing them to fall through the map.

Steps to Reproduce

Approach a teleporter with “ask permission” off while in noclip.

What I expected to happen

The player isn’t teleported.

What happened

The player is teleported, and falls through the map.

Notes / Media

Making noclip flight be enabled after teleporting would technically fix the bug, but teleporting on contact with a teleporter while in noclip makes it difficult to edit larger teleporters.


I also get this issue as of version (Build 8025085). If you enter any kind of non-interactive teleporter (you don’t have to interact with it to teleport you), the earth will decide to add gravity to you again while in noclip, causing you to fall. The only way to stop it is either to die, or to toggle noclip off and back on again and somehow find your way back to civilization.
This is very annoying while building when you accidentally bump into one then poof!.. you’re somewhere else on the map regretting existence.

This is now fixed in the next update.

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