[] Non-Canvas Snow Materials Changed

Non-Canvas Items got their snow materials changed. I believe this is what the Snow material used to look like but was updated a while back.

  • The Non-Canvas Version is bumpy and rough, reuses the generic Bullet Impact FX and footsteps (concrete / Plaster)
  • The Canvas version is smoother, uses unique Bullet Impact FX, and uses the Grass footstep noise (It still doesn’t sound right, but at least it’s closer)

As a result of this change, the Snowball items no longer get bigger when rolling along it.

Notes / Media

Canvas on the left, Non-Canvas on the Right

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What you wrote is exactly what I have noticed on my Smooth Dirt.
But there is one more Bug, I found
The “Christmas Snowpile” is normally colourable. I have some coloured Ones on my Smooth Dirt. The Colour Setting is still set but it’s not shown on the Snowpile. Now my green and brown Snowpiles are white.