[] Canvas "Frame" color not applying or copying correctly in certain situations

The color properties of the default canvas item don’t work correctly sometimes with the new frame color option.

Steps to Reproduce

Place the regular Canvas item and mess around with the colors and types, also make copies of it using either the Copycat Gun or alt-dragging gizmos.

What I expected to happen

It to apply/copy the values correctly.

What happened

  • When using a Canvas type that doesn’t have a frame changing the “Frame” color will change the image in the way the “Color” setting should.
  • The “Color” value is replaced by the default “Frame” color when copied and the type is not set to use a frame.
  • If the “Frame” color is set before the “FRAME” type is set, it will just use the default color when set to use that frame (and when copied after that).

Notes / Media

Also, at the beginning of this video the color wheel is on the right of the setting initially, but all of the times after that it’s on the left, idk what that’s about.


This is now fixed in the next update.