[] "Transaction in progress" and bugs with them

First, an endless process, although it seems that now it is so for everyone.

Secondly, I found that by pressing Esc and other buttons, like the chat and respawn button, you can walk during this process and rotate the camera by holding down the left or right mouse button …

Well, subsequent transactions stopped going through

The current status of transaction issues can be found here: https://towerunite.statuspage.io/, and more info can be found on our support channel on our Discord (linked there).


Yeah, everything is fine on your website, but the game does not work with the transaction

There should be a segment at the top of the page with information about the issues.


It’s all useless, mistakes happen all the time and over the years and have not been fixed. If I wrote a discord ticket, it would be constant spam.
In addition, in my post there is a message not only about the fact of the error itself, but also about some other feature

My response was only in regard to your mention of the transaction issue itself, not the camera and player movement during a transaction, as your long transaction time could be related to the issues others are having. We are trying to direct people who report similar bugs to a place where they can find out information about that ongoing problem and make a support ticket if they wish to do that.


Well, then that’s good.

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