[] Rubberbanding/Jittery Movement When Crouching + Flying in Plazas

Crouching while flying with a jetpack or wings is pretty jittery and consistently causes rubberbanding at high ping.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Hold the crouch button while flying in a Plaza

What I expected to happen

I would start to fly smoothly in the direction I’m facing

What happened

Either that happened but I had jittery movement while holding ctrl, or in cases with high ping, I get teleported back to where I started holding ctrl every few seconds

Notes / Media

My ping was at around 60-65 while recording this video, and there were 35-40 people in the Plaza:


Isn’t forward flight using Ctrl+Space a bug to begin with?

It was a bug in GMod Tower but was turned into a feature in Tower Unite

Right, because I recall forward flight being jittery for as long as I have used it, which is about a year.

Yeah it has always been like that, in other servers at least (in condos you’re hosting it works fine). Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a feature that’s supposed to exist though

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Basically what’s happening here is Unreal’s movement netcode rolls players back when the server thinks the client isn’t where it should be. Basically, a sever and client desync. It needs to be better predicted. I’ve tried resolving it in the past but I think I have a better solution now. It’s the same issue as the survivor shield in multiplayer, drifting in accelerate, and rocket jumping.