[] Rocket Jumping in Plazas is Delayed & Sometimes Jittery

Rocket jumping in Plazas is usually pretty delayed (there’s usually a ~half second delay before you get blasted by a rocket), and sometimes air strafing after a rocket jump stops working and your movement becomes super jittery until you fall back onto the ground.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Rocket jump in a Plaza

What I expected to happen

It would feel responsive and nice

What happened

There’s pretty much always a delay between shooting a rocket and the rocket jump, and sometimes you can’t air strafe

Notes / Media

Delay between shooting a firework and rocket jumping (ping was fluctuating between 80 and 90 while recording this, but I’ve noticed this at lower ping as well)

Trying (and failing) to air strafe after a rocket jump (ping was around 80 when recording this)